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Liven up Your Holiday

Our professional animation team will ensure that you have a good time with the shows special for you that they prepare every evening while they livening up your holiday with all-day pool entertainments, children’s club, contests and various entertainments.

Gündüz Aktiviteleri


Our professional animation team will ensure that you have a good time with the shows special for you that they prepare every evening while they livening up your holiday with all-day pool entertainments, children’s club, contests and various entertainments.
•• Greeting - Sendoff • Club Dances • Pool Games • Pool Parties • clown Shows • Cartoon Time • Mini Club Activities



Sport Activities; • Football • Beach Volley • Dart • Tennis • Table Tennis • Aerobics • Water Gymnastics • Billiard • Water Polo • Water Basketball • Water Volleyball • Water Sports (Parachuting, banana, surfing and Jet Ski are paid.) Tournaments; • Beach Volley • Football • Water Polo • Backgammon tournaments • Air gun (Air Rifle Shots) • Dart • Rummikub • chess • Tennis • Table Tennis • Inflatable game tracks

Akşam Aktiviteleri


• Tennure’s Show • Caucasian Dance Group • Mini disco • Modern dance team • Fire shows • Juggler • Magician • Turkish folk music team • Turkish art music team • Turkish pop music team • Skit-theater performances • Beach parties • Contests one more entertaining than the other • Disco at 23:00, surprise belly dance shows during women’s matinee Note: Open for 3 days a week for women only. No coed service for families.



The mini club is for our children aged 4-7. The baby club for below 4 is paid.

• Mini car race track • Mini playgrounds • Cartoon times • Handicraft activities • Many more activities that will ensure our children have entertaining hours while helping their development

Working Hours Women’s Department: 10:00 - 12:00 / 14:30 - 17:00 -1 Mini Club: 10:00 - 17:00

Junİor Aktİvİtelerİ


• Mini dart • Pool games • Aqua games • Classical Turkish Games • Girls vs Boys • Juniors’ Olympics • Inflatable game tracks • Sumo wrestling • Monopoly • Jenga • Taboo • Chess

Cep Sinema





Concert programs involving our singers one more special than the other



After breakfast, we depart from our hotel at 10:00. We visit the Damlataş Cave, which is our first stop, and which is a cave decorated by thousands of stalactites and stalagmites one more beautiful than the other. After that, we go to Alanya Castle, a 13th century Seljuk work, located on a peninsula with an altitude of 250 m, with walls 6.5 km long. We can visit and worship at a 800-year-old historical Mosque within the castle. We visit the 150-year-old Ottoman Culture House next to the mosque. After having our photo taken in a perfect view, we go to the fruit garden. We get a chance to pick completely organically grown oranges, bananas, apples, mandarins, and seasonal and regional fruits from their branch and eat them. Then, we eat under pergolas on ice-cold Dim Stream where you will completely be within nature, and after an optional bazaar break, we end our tour between 16:30 and 17:30.



Interested in history? If yes, this is something for you. We visit the ancient city of Side, which smells history abundantly. You can have your photo taken with the unique view of the Temple of Apollo. After this beautiful history trip, a nice boat tour to Manavgat waterfall and to the point where freshwater and saltwater are mixed, which is coveted by many civilizations, and a meal break. A perfect day is waiting for you on which you will have a good time with both history and entertainment. Organized 2 times a week. Start: 10:00 – End: 17:00.



Rafting is a nature tour that can be tried by any healthy person knowing how to swim, that we suggest everyone try at least once in their life, and that has a high level of adrenaline and excitement. Thanks to rafting, you can relax and refresh your soul by somewhat keeping away from the muggy, hot weather by surrendering yourselves to the ice-cold treacherous waters flowing through a green natural-wonder canyon on the muggy days when it reaches 50 °C degrees in summer on the Mediterranean beaches. It also provides the visitors with the opportunity to watch the breath-taking natural views and the Toros Mountains by flowing through the National Park.

Alanya Kısa Tekne Turu


One of the most beautiful ways of discovering the beautiful beaches and bays of Alanya is to take an Alanya Boat Tour with wooden trip boats specific to Mediterranean. Departing from Alanya’s dock crowned by Alanya Castle, the shipyard and the Red Tower, our boat visits the sea caves, pirates, lovers and phosphoric cave around the peninsula on which Alanya castle is located. After that, it watches Cleopatra Beach, which is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of the world, and provides a swimming break on Ulaş beach, which is one of the most tranquil and clean beaches. Music and animations provide you with an entertaining ambient during the tour. Our boat is a large double-decker. It is extremely clean. It has men’s and women’s toilets, shower baths, changing cabinets.

Quat (ATV) Safarİ Turu


It is an entertaining passion that can be done by anyone and that does not require the skill to drive a car or a driving license… You manage to completely control the ATV motor after a short introduction and some meters of driving… The tours are for adults aged 16 and over. Guests who have a reservation for the tour gather, and are transported to the tracks in the timberland on the side of Toros Mountains where the QUAD – ATV safari will be organized… Breaks are sometimes taken for taking photos during the tour. Before the start of the QUAD – ATV safari, a course and briefing are given by a professional guide about the ATV motor. Necessary equipment is distributed to the participants for QUAD – ATV safari, and it is ensured that they start the tour after taking safety measures… Then, canyons and streams are passed over, scenic villages are passed through, and the place is reached where the QUAD – ATV safari tour will be completed. After a break, all participants are taken where they were taken from, and the tour is completed. It is organized 2 times every day, one before the noon, and the other in the afternoon.

Scuba Dİvİng Turları


It is an initial program generally bought by our guests and in which they dive for the first time. In this program, the divers meet their instructor during departure by boat after the recording procedure in the morning, and they gain confidence thanks to the instructor’s care for them. Then, the theoretical education starts about diving. The instructor first introduces the equipment used in scuba diving and to be used by our divers. After that, theoretical information is provided about diving. Main subjects covered in the theoretical education are how to breathe under the water, the underwater communication signs, the underwater swimming technique, ear pressure equalization. Then, the instructors have the divers divided in groups do a short breathing practice on the water. The divers now ready to dive are taken into the water accompanied by an instructor, and the group of 5 persons made under the water is accompanied by at least 2 instructors. First diving depth is 3-5 m, and it lasts about 25-35 minutes depending on the breathing conditions of the divers. This diving is followed by lunch and rest and the second diving. In the second diving, differently, the depth increases to 8-12 meters depending on the divers’ performance in the first diving.



You will get a taste of 1-hour horse riding accompanied by master riders in the forest. Organized at optional times between 09:00 and 17:00 every day.

Yunus Gösterisi


How about watching a wonderful dolphins show in the largest dolphins pool of the Europe? You will not believe what these smart creatures do accompanied by professional instructors. Performed 2 times a day except for Tuesday afternoon. 09:45 – 11:45.

Jeep Safarİ


An entertaining nature tour that we organize with open-top Land Rover jeeps in Toros Mountains covered with pine forests. In this tour of us, you will discover the other side of Alanya away from the city. You will admire the wonderful Alanya and Castle view from a height of one thousand five hundred meters. Mountain villages, village mosques, water fights and entertainments. At the end of the tour, cooling in the cool Dim Stream and the lunch are included in our tour program.

Buggy Safarİ


A safari tour full of excitement and adventure that we organize with our buggy vehicles on the dusty roads through the pine forests on the sides of Toros Mountains. Our Buggy safari tour lasts about three hours. As single or as a couple in the same buggy.

Yamaç ParaşÜtÜ


Would you like to fly like a bird and dance with the clouds in the sky? Alanya paragliding is all you look for! We depart from the world-famous Cleopatra beach, and arrive at the Yassıtepe flight area with an altitude of 700 m after a 30-minute jeep safari. After informing and preparation at the flight area, we land on Cleopatra beach after about a 20-minute flight pleasure accompanied by our professional pilots. 2 times, once every morning, once every afternoon.